Advance purchase recommended -- shows often sell out! Check availability and buy tickets online now or by phone at 800-979-3370

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Have a group or special event in need of memorable entertainment? Supernatural Chicago offers three options to serve you —

A. On regularly scheduled show nights (Friday nights), special group rates are available for your group of 20 or more (space permitting). For details, please call Zerve at 800-979-3370.

Your group of 50 or more could even have the show all to itself, provided arrangements are made well enough in advance. To find out more, please email

B. Special "command performances" may also be available on evenings other than regularly scheduled show dates, and may be exciting additions to other party arrangments made through Excalibur. If you are planning a gathering at Excalibur and would like to add Supernatural Chicago to your plans, please call Excalibur at 312.266.1944.

C. For events outside of Excalibur, Supernatural Chicago can travel most anywhere, schedule permitting.

Read reviews of the show here. Watch the video. Other programs by the same performer are also available; for more information, visit Please call 708.308.1280.